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Cenya of Silence

Lady Isae: Lady Ire, The Maid of Lamentation The Daughter of Monsters, The Mistress of the Brokenhearted and Betrayed

Maurianna: The Lich That Outlived The Gods

One Mother’s Justice For All: The Story Of Red Rosey

Sir Perry and the Dragon

The Battle of the Olive Grove, also known as The Battle of the Twenty-Four

The Broken Lovers, also known as The Story of Misa, Shoji, and the Samurai

The Cat and The Turtle

The Fool of Tralee

The Girl That Raced The Moon

The Man of Broken Dreams

The Nightstalker, The Halflings’ Revenge, Man’s Bane

The Old Woman That Could Not Sleep

The Sculptor That Killed A God

The Stargazer and his Cat

The Story of Saint Uxley of Three Rivers