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A guide (entries below) to the fantasy universe the short stories and larger, catalyst story come from. A short list of things that make this fantasy realm different than most: The general time period of the mortal world, Aeris, is like that of Earth’s from the late 1700’s to the mid-1800’s. Three humans from the twenty-first century of Earth have somehow ended up in this world. A person is either “Gifted” and can tap into the magical energies of the universe or one cannot. The races – Elves, Dwarves, Humans, and Ameya (halflings) are somewhat segregated due to humanity’s insatiable hunger for land and resources. To hold humanity back elves have a worldwide campaign to hamstring humanity’s magical prowess. There are three planes of existences: The Divine Plane/Afterlife; The Demi Plane (Land of Myth and Legends, Land of Charms and Enchantments, Land of Waking Dreams and Nightmares); the Mortal Plane. There are two types of gods – the original gods of creation and gods that have been birthed by the belief of mortals. There was a war in the Divine Plane amongst the gods due to philosophical differences rather than one side or individual wanting to rule or destroy everything. This war led to holy wars in the mortal world and a Treaty in the Divine Plane that lays out rules and regulations of how the gods may interact with mortals, powers the gods may bestow, punishment of mortals, etc.

Much more to come in great detail – magic and magical items, monsters, the nation of Avenmare and some of its residents, history and technology, etc, etc, etc. CHECK BACK OFTEN : )

The Gods:

Origin of the Gods and World

War of the Gods

Treaty of the Divine Plane

Chosen of the gods: Prophets (clerics); Tasked (paladins); God-Touched

The Gods of Benevolence:

Ae’na: Elven god


Lutta: god of joy (and hope)

The Mother of the Meadow and the Father of the Field

Sella: Chief Governor of the Hell/Gray Waste/Plains of Perdition

The Gods of Malice:

Introduction to The Gods of Malice

The Gods of Ill Desire

The Gods Of Pure Malice

How some of the Gods of Malice attract and keep followers

The Gods of Ill Desire find another way to reward the damned – “divine agents”


The “Gift”

The Two Paths

Magic and D & D classes in my realm

Uses of magic limited and/or banned by the gods

Casting magic beyond one’s station/Level

The Great Theft: of Elves and Humans and Magic

The AAAA: The Academy for the Advancement of the Arcane Arts

Unique Magical Items

Beings, Creatures, & Monsters:

General Info and Introduction

Akumbala, the

Shiny Sisters, the


Demi Plane: The Land of Myth and Legends; The Land of Charms and Enchantments; The Land of Waking Dreams and Nightmares; The Plane of Mortal Thoughts

Intro to the Demi Plane

The Gods and The Demi Plane

Beings of the Demi Plane

Physical Aspects & Nature of the Demi Plane

Mortal Plane: World of Aeris

Transportation (& some Tech) on Aeris

Avenmare, nation of

Capital of Avenmare Law Enforcement

Capital of Avenmare – People and Sights

Home and Office of Mathew Serig

The Subterranean Areas of Aeris

People & Related Topics:

Ameya: the Gentle folk (halflings)

Anders, Jenuva – deceased

Anders, Paige

Bowen, “Cinnamon” Jake

Cartright, Melinda – Medical Mage



Fulmuth, Deidre – Countess


Greencrest, Dawn – Detective Inspector

Herris, Davvy – Detective Sergeant


Inter-Peoples/Species Romantic Relationships


Mineeo, Cristos

Opunenza, Adriano


Pardino, Anne

Pardino, Thomas

Pene – deceased prostitute

Presley, Selme – Earl

Serig, Mathew

Tunnicliff, Lydia – Baroness

Tunnicliff, Wessel – Baron


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