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Here you will find scenes from the main story that takes place in my fantasy realm, working title is “Gods’ Play” – How an apparent, ritual-style killing leads five very different people (three from a planet called Earth) to be caught up in the politics and machinations of the gods.

Killings & Introductions

First Impressions: Thomas Pardino

Allegations: Meet Mathew and Anne

Tom’s Debts

Tea & Troubles & Theories

The Sapphire Room

Tom is loosed & More Pieces

Everybody Hates Tom

Begins the Slow Dance of Trust: Mathew & Opunenza

Post Opunenza: Reality & Hope

Cinnamon Jake introduces Paige to Anne

Tom tries to end his bad dream

Anne & Mineeo: Possible Conversation

Mathew & Tom discuss Tom’s New Quest

Mathew in the Demi Plane: Drowning

Mathew in the Demi Plane: Intro to a devil – Lu’I’enday

Mathew in the Demi Plane: Mathew & Melinda

Mathew in the Demi Plane: Worst Fear

Mathew & Lu’I’enday meet again: Demi Plane

Mathew Meets the Queens of the Jungle: Demi Plane

Mathew Meets the gods of Ill Desire: Demi Plane

Shag for Peace: Mathew meets the goddess of Peace

The Night of Falling Angels

A Queen of the Jungle plays with little Mathew