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Art & Art Instruction

How to draw bodies: drawing tutorial. 11 minute plus long instructional YouTube video on simple techniques to draw female form. May have to slow down playback speed.

How to Draw Figures: How to Draw People Figures. 3:13 minute YouTube video – simple, geometric shape way of building both male and female form.

Dungeons & Dragons and RPG

D & D Education, Entertainment, Gameplay, Strategy and Tactics, etc:

A Crap Guide to D&D (5th Edition) Hilarious, mostly short animatics/animations covering the various classes and more of D&D 5th Edition, 20 episodes.

Critical Role YouTube. Watch past episodes of 3 – 4 hour game sessions by a group of professional voice actors. Funny, bawdy, silly, can be dramatic and emotionally charged. Great story-making. Three campaigns two choose from.

D&D Official Home Page: News, stories, products, gameplay, etc, etc, etc

Davvy Chappy: Relatively short, funny videos about D & D 5e classes, mechanics, etc. Especially the Wizard!

Dingo Doodles: D & D Stories (Fools Gold) – Funny and engaging ongoing series about a campaign the creator is playing: An angry, monkey sorcerer, a ditzy girl on safari, a tough elf and her shark-dog, some weird little furry thing that stabs everybody.

The Dungeoncast: YouTube/Podcasts hosts Will and Brian discuss a little of everything from the origins of various monsters, different planes of existence, strategy and building the game. Funny. Laid back feel. Have their own campaign in progress.

The Dungeon Dudes: YouTube Channel, bringing you Guides, DM Tips, Book Reviews and more for Dungeons and Dragons 5e! Also live play on Twitch.

Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Includes Pathfinder, Starfinder, Adventure Card Game, Store, Organized Play, Community, and more.

Puffin Forest: Silly, cutesy animatics/animations covering the creator’s experiences in various D & D games and more. I suggest starting with D & D story: DM.exe has crashed! Attack at the school

Tabletop RPGs : https://www.reddit.com/r/rpg/

Web DM Can be relatively long, in-depth discussions about various aspects of RPG/D & D 5th edition and more. Usually on the lighter side. Interesting campaign videos – Coven of Razel-Sinn (part 1) for 5th edition

Fantasy Genre Resources and References

Free Beginner’s Resources Guide to the Genres Fantasy

Unleashing the Magic: A Journey Into Fantasy Fiction (a Guide to Writing Fantasy)

A Useful Guide to Science Fiction and Fantasy Magazines for readers, writers, and artists. A list of 25 science fiction and fantasy magazines that includes what will find on the websites, costs, types of fantasy, and submission information.

List of 104 Fantasy movies of the ’80s

Fantasy-Related Conventions, Fairs, & Festivals

Balticon: balticon.org

Chicago Comic and Entertainment Expo: https://www.c2e2.com/

Comikaze Expo: comikazeexpo.com

Dragon Con: dragoncon.org

E3: https://www.e3expo.com/ – “E3 provides high-quality spaces for industry-insiders, and exciting showcases and exhibits for fans.”

Faire Finder: https://www.fairefinder.com/

FanCons.com – check under Conventions on the Left hand panel. Here is the link for fantasy fairs in Europe: https://fancons.com/events/schedule.php?type=fantasy&loc=eu

Festival Alarm: https://www.festival-alarm.com/us/Categories/Medieval-festivals/

Gen Con: gencon.com

Google: Type “Renaissance Fairs” into the search and a box will pop up with several events listed and an arrow with “Search More Events” – click on that. A page with lots of info should pop up where you can scroll thru dozens of listings by date.

List of Renaissance and medieval fairs: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Renaissance_and_Medieval_fairs – some external links may be dangerous

Living History Archive: https://www.livinghistoryarchive.com/article/medieval-reenactment-events-in-europe

MythCon: mythcon.org

New York Comic Con: https://www.newyorkcomiccon.com/

Origins Game Fair: https://www.originsgamefair.com/

Pax: https://www.paxsite.com/ : “celebration of gaming and gaming culture featuring thought-provoking panels, an expo hall filled with publishers and independent studios, game demos, musical performances, tournaments, and an experience unlike any other.”

San Diego Comic-Con: comic-con.org

WonderCon: comic-con.org/wondercon

Worldcon: worldcon.org

World Fantasy Convention: worldfantasy.org – site may not be secure – uses http instead of https

The Renlist: https://www.therenlist.com/

Free Stuff

Funny, Stupid, Silly, Bawdy, Random Writing Prompt Generator

Free Funny Elves Names Generator

Free Funny Radom Fantasy Names Generator


Absolute History A great channel with a variety of experimental archeological episodes ranging from the middle ages to twentieth century. Five on building a castle using 13th century tools in Guedelon, France: Building a castle using 13th century tools; Secrets of the castle (1 of 5)

Encyclopedia Britannica

How to build the perfect castle. A few minutes of advertising at beginning of video and a little at end. Epic History TV YouTube Channel

Invicta: Covering historical topics such as the war of Alexander the Great in Persia, the politics of Julius Caesar in Ancient Rome, the fashion of kings in Medieval times, and much more. Excellent battle maps and descriptions.

Modern History TV: Lots of great videos on the middle ages – food, weapons, armor, etc – actually trying it out.

Why Socrates Hated Democracy. Short video. School of Life YouTube channel.