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Gods’ Play: The Jubilee and Rescue! Click here to PLAY.

(If game doesn’t start in a minute or so just refresh the page and/or click on the screen a few times).

Hello. Welcome to a very simple NES, Final Fantasy-style game based on my writings. Two characters, Dawn and Anne, start off outside the Jubilee casino (in the City Built on Nothing, zip code the Demi Plane).

Their mission is to find Dawn’s niece, Paige, and Anne’s brother, Tom, then find and go thru a portal back to the Mortal World.

While at the Jubilee there are a few different games to play, like the Chicken Cannon game, people to talk to, and things to buy.

Out in the desert there is treasure that might help Dawn and Paige in their mission.

Please leave any feedback about the game as I’m thinking about making a longer game down the road. To deter spammers and spambots the comments section requires you to enter a valid email – which is not stored unless you check the appropriate box.

Thank you and be well : )


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